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At Heirloom Gardens, we focus on building soil that is healthy and alive. In turn, rich soil will feed your plants in the way nature intended; synthetic-free, organic, healthy, and sustainably. Ultimately, these organic methods will reduce the time and inputs required while creating beautiful and bountiful yards and gardens. Come over to the dirty side with us!


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As certified Permaculture Designers, we believe in following nature’s patterns. Like many good designers, we subscribe to the theory of “The right plants and design elements in the right places.” However, our designs go beyond that. At Heirloom Gardens, we focus on environmentally ethical landscapes that provide a yield as well as beauty and comfort.

We always start with soil and water consumption. In Reno, the soil is usually compromised, resulting in lower yields that require lots of synthetics and pesticides to maintain. We will help break that cycle while reducing water use and providing a bigger bounty.

When we are finished with our masterpiece, we are sure your gardens will use less water than traditional landscaping designs while growing healthy food – what a novel concept!

If you’re considering another leap in self-sufficiency, we can help with compost solutions, food preservation, and much, much more. If you are interested in growing more food than you thought possible in Northern Nevada, with less work and water than most people spend on just their lawns, we are the team to help make those dreams come true!


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